The Nervous System

Objectives for the chapter and helpful videos/songs/charts are listed below. This is not an all inclusive list of the content, but it is an excellent place to start or review! The videos are used as a study tool and may cover more or less than what we will cover in class. I will not test you on anything we did not cover in class, unless stated otherwise.

The Structure of the Nervous System

Neurons 23.1 (Pg. 568-571)

  1. Describe a typical neuron’s structures and discuss their functions
  2. Distinguish between the three functional types of neurons
  3. Summarize the initiation and transmission of a nerve impulse

Divisions of the Nervous System 23.2 (Pg. 571-576)

  1. Identify the two major divisions of the nervous system
  2. List and summarize the functions of the seven regions of the brain
  3. List and describe the functions of the peripheral nervous system’s divisions
  4. Differentiate between spinal nerves and cranial nerves

The Sensory Organs

Minor Senses 23.3 (Pg. 577-579)

  1. Identify and describe the minor senses
  2. List the cutaneous receptors
  3. Explain how taste and smell are detected

The Ear: Hearing and Balance 23.4 (Pg. 579-582)

  1. Identify the structures of the ear and describe their functions
  2. Trace the path of a sound wave from the external ear to the formation of a nerve impulse
  3. Identify the structures involved in the sense of balance and explain their functions

The Eye and Sight (Pg. 582-585)

  1. Identify the anatomical structures of the eye
  2. Summarize the functions of the structures involved in vision
  3. Explain the difference between rods and cones

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