The Chemistry of Life

Objectives for the chapter and helpful videos/songs/charts are listed below. This is not an all inclusive list of the content, but it is an excellent place to start or review! The videos are used as a study tool and may cover more or less than what we will cover in class. I will not test you on anything we did not cover in class, unless stated otherwise.

Basic Chemistry

Basics of Chemistry 2.1 (Pg. 31-36)

  1. Define matter and energy
    1. What is Matter- Crash Course
    2. Four States of Mater- Song by Mr.Parr
      1. **Note: We do not cover the “Plasma” state of matter
  2. Describe the structure of an atom
    1. Dogs Teaching Chemistry- Structure of an Atom
    2. Inside and Atom- Song by Mr.Parr
  3. Distinguish between atom, molecule, compound and mixture
    1. Atoms, Elements, Compounds & Mixtures Explained Using Legos
  4. Describe Covalent and Ionic Bonding
    1. How Chemical Reactions Work
    2. Dogs Teaching Chemistry- Bonding
    3. Bonding- Song by Mr. Parr
  5. Differentiate between Chemical and Physical Change
    1. Chemical vs. Physical Change

Energy 2.2 (Pg. 36-40)

  1. Differentiate between Kinetic and Potential Energy
    1. Wile Coyote & Roadrunner teach Potential and Kinetic Energy
      1. **Note: I will not ask you to distinguish between the types of Potential Energy
  2. Explain how Enzymes Work
    1. A Fun Introduction to Enzymes
    2. Function of Enzymes Explained Using Snow Balls

Solutions 2.3 (Pg. 41-45)

  1. Define Solution, Solvent, and Solute
    1. Using Sugar and Water to define Solute, Solvent and Solution
  2. List the Important Molecular Characteristics of Water
    1. Chart for Six Properties of Water
    2. Polarity of Water Molecules Explained
    3. Why Does Ice Float- A lesson on Density of Water
  3. Differentiate the differences between Diffusion and Osmosis
    1. How Diffusion Works
    2. How Osmosis Works
    3. Osmosis vs Diffusion (Basic)
    4. Concentration Gradients Explained
  4. Explain the differences between acids and bases
    1. Acid vs Base Song- Peter Weatherall
    2. Experiment with an acid, a base, and a coke can
    3. Acids, Bases, pH
    4. pH scale chart
    5. Acid vs Base Chart

Organic Chemistry

Organic Compounds 2.4 (Pg. 45-47)

  1. Describe how Carbon can form so many different compounds
    1. Video on Carbon Chemistry and Life
    2. Carbon Compound Properties Overview

Carbohydrates and Lipids 2.5 (Pg. 47-50) 

  1. Describe the basic structures of carbohydrates and lipids
    1. Image of Structure of Carbohydrates: Fructose and Glucose
    2. Image of Lipid: Phospholipid
  2. Discuss the various functions carbohydrates and lipids have in living organisms
    1. Video on Carbohydrates
    2. Interactive Tutorial on Carbohydrates- Structure and Function
    3. Video on Lipids
    4. Description of Lipids
  3. Differentiate between saturated and unsaturated fats
    1. Saturated vs. Unsaturated Fats
  4. Compare the properties: hydrophilic vs. hydrophobic
    1. Hydrophobic vs. Hydrophilic
    2. Real World Applications using Hydrophobic Substances
    3. Real World Application using Hydrophilic Substances
  5. Explain the relationship between monomers and a polymer
    1. Using Shopping “trolleys” to teach basics of Monomers and Polymers
    2. From DNA to Silly Putty, the diverse world of polymers

Proteins and Nucleic Acids 2.6 (Pg. 50-52)

  1. Describe the formation and structures of proteins using the terms: amino acids, peptide bonds, and polypeptide chains 
    1. Basic Protein Structures
  2. Describe the structure and function of nucleic acids
    1. Structure and Function of Nucleic Acids

Fun Song for all four Macromolecules 

Royals Parody- Four Major Macromolecules



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