Sub Info

Here is all of the information for each day. The PowerPoints contain Homework, Bellwork, and Agenda for day.

Friday 1/29/16

  1. (Sub) Instructions for Bacteria and Viruses Notes
    1. Period 2
      1. Send students (Clayton and Joe) from Period 2 to the teacher lounge to cut 15 large sheets of bulletin board paper (about the size of the digestive tract picture on the wall above the bookshelf)
      2. Have students choose own groups and complete picture assignments (as described on following slides)
      3.  After pictures are complete, have them work on Virus Notes (in the “sub for 1-28” folder on desktop)
    2. Period 3 and 4
      1. For Period 3 and 4, need to print out the student edition bacteria notes- in the folder “Bacteria and Viruses” on the Computer (This can be done during the break period between Period 2 and 3)
      2. 35 copies are needed
      3. Choose lounge printer when printing
        1. click on print properties and change it to print double sided, 1 staple top left, three hole punch.
        2. When you close that window change the settings for the slides to print two per page.
        3. Click print
        4. When the dialogue box comes up asking for a password, my password is already saved, so you can just click okay.
        5. The copies will be in the Teacher Lounge
      4. The bacteria notes (teacher edition) are located in the Bacteria and viruses folder.

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