Study of Origins

Objectives for the chapter and helpful videos/songs/charts are listed below. This is not an all inclusive list of the content, but it is an excellent place to start or review! The videos are used as a study tool and may cover more or less than what we will cover in class. I will not test you on anything we did not cover in class, unless stated otherwise.

Worldviews and the History of Life

What is a Worldview? 8.1 (Pg. 169-170)

  1. Describe the nature of a worldview
    1. What is a worldview?- webpage
  2. Be able to defend or deny that all humans have a worldview
    1. What’s Your Worldview?
    2. Worldviews: What are they? Does everyone have one?- Online Christian Articleworldview

Which worldview should we use? 8.2 (Pg. 170-173)

  1. Differentiate between a Christian worldview and a non-Christian worldview and the implications/applications from both
    1. John Piper The Atheist Worldview and the Christian Worldview
    2. Top 10 common worldviews in Science
      1. Note: I am not promoting ‘art of spirit’, I just think this video gives a clear list of common scientific worldviews

Biological Evolution

The Beginnings of Evolutionary Theory 8.3 (Pg. 174-176)

  1. Understand the developments of ideas about an ‘old earth’
    1. Hutton’s Uncomformity (BBC Earth Story)
    2. Charles Lyell and Geologic Time
  2. Relate changing views of geology to the emergence of evolution theories
    1. Briefly coved by “Charles Lyell and Geologic Time Video
  3. List Lamarck’s theories
    1. Lamarck’s Theories- Photo of a PP Slide
    2. Comparing Lamarck with Darwin- Image
    3. Fun Facts about Giraffes!- Webpage
      1. Notice the differences between Male and Females on eating preferences


unicamp2008.22f disc bioevoq72

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution 8.4 (Pg. 176-180)

  1. Explain the two main aspects of Darwin’s theory of evolution
    1. What is the Theory of Evolution?- Darwin
  2. Evaluate Darwin’s theories in light of the Bible’s teachings on origins and nature
    1. Common Designer

Later Development of Evolutionary Theory 8.5 (Pg. 180-188)

  1. Describe the development and use of the geological column
    1. Geological Column- PP Slide Photo
    2. Ten Misconceptions of Geological Column- webpage
    3. Geologic Column Explained in Answers in Genesis- Webpage
  2. Explain the differences between Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism
    1. Major Differences between Neo-Darwinism and Darwinism- Webpage
  3. Understand and describe the effects of mutations on genetic variation
    1. Mutations cause organisms to lose information- Ken Ham Radio Talk
  4. Understand and describe what homologous structures are
    1. Homologous Structures- Definition
    2. Homologous Structures- As taught and explain through an evolution worldview
    3. Similarities Don’t Prove Evolution
  5. Contrast punctuated equilibrium with earlier evolutionary theories
    1. Punctuated Equilibrium
    2. Punctuated Equilibrium v Gradual Variation-Photo


The Evolution of Life on Earth- Brief Overview

Biblical Creationism

Interpretation of Genesis 8.6 (Pg. 189-193)

  1. List and summarize the most common nonliteral interpretations of Genesis and discuss their implications
    1. Theistic Evolution
    2. Day-Age Theory- Wikipedia
    3. Progressive creationism- Wikipedia
    4. Framework Hypothesis- Wikipedia
      1. Note: This hypothesis does not make mention of time
    5. Gap Theory- Wikipedia
    6. Scientism, Theistic Evolution, Intelligent Design and Creationism- Chart
  2. Describe the literal interpretation of Creation and discuss its implications
    1. Young Earth 6-Day Creationism

Noah’s Flood and Fossilization 8.7 (Pg. 193-199)

  1. Discuss the evidence for a universal flood
    1. Evidences of a global flood- Answers in Genesis Webpage
  2. Describe some of the most common types of fossils
    1. Fossils Song- Mr. Parr
    2. Fossil Formation
      1. Note: Pay attention to “evolutionary” language used in the video and how the language reveals assumptions about time
  3. Explain the deluge fossil formation theory
    1. Pg. 197-199

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