Science Fair (Required for Honors Biology Only)

SEF Tri-fold Board PowerPoint

SEF Display Boards

What you need for your Lab Notebook

  1. Title Page- Fun title (if you have one), specific question title (must have!), student name, school name
  2. Question (hypothesis), materials list, procedure, safety precaution notation
  3. Forms (ISEF and ACSI!)
  4. Date Tables
  5. Graphs
  6. Abstract
  7. Variables- Independent, Dependent, Control
  8. Results
  9. Conclusion
  10. Subsequent pages: photos

For Parents

  1. Science Projects to Parents Letter
  2. Parents guide to Science Projects
  3. Parent Signature Page for the FCS Science Fair
  4. ISEF Rule Book and Forms

For Students

  1. Student Handbook for Science Fair Project
  2. Student Science Project Schedule with Tentative Due Dates
    1. Note: This document should be used to understand the required readings and worksheets/checklist/lab journal expectations. Please use this document throughout the entire process in order to know what is expected and how to do each assignment. All readings can be found at the below links on the Science Buddies website.

Science Fair Project Guide from Science Buddies

These links include descriptions or readings on what each assignment is and how to complete it, along with samples and tips. Please utilize these links in order to reduce any uncertainty or misconceptions you may have in regards to each assignment. 

Getting Started
Doing Background Research
Constructing a Hypothesis
Testing Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
Analyzing Your Data and Drawing a Conclusion
Communicating Your Results

Grading Rubrics Used for Each Assignment 

I  recommend going over each rubric before you begin an assignment, during the assignment, and before it is turned in for a grade. This should assure that you have enough time to clarify any questions you may have and have met all required standards.



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