Cellular Metabolism- Photosynthesis

Objectives for the chapter and helpful videos/songs/charts are listed below. This is not an all inclusive list of the content, but it is an excellent place to start or review! The videos are used as a study tool and may cover more or less than what we will cover in class. I will not test you on anything we did not cover in class, unless stated otherwise.

Cellular Energy

Energy Relationships 4.1 (Pg. 78-80)

  1. Explain why energy is required for life
  2. Define autotroph and heterotroph
    1. Autotrophs vs. Heterotrophs
  3. Describe how energy is stored in ATP molecules
    1. What is ATP and How Does is Work?
    2. ATP- Energy and Life

Photosynthesis 4.2 (Pg. 80-85)

  1. Write a simple equation for photosynthesis
    1. Simple Equation for Photosynthesis
    2. Photosynthesis Song
    3. Basic Overview of Photosynthesis
    4. Magic School Bus Brief Explanation of Photosynthesis
  2. Explain how light energy is captured for use in photosynthesis
    1. Chloroplast Structure and Function
  3. Describe the light-dependent phase and the Calvin cycle
    1. Large Scale Explanation of Light- Dependent Stage
    2. Large Scale Explanation of Calvin Cycle
    3. 3D Animation of Photosynthesis
    4. Chart for both cycles
  4. List the final products of photosynthesis
    1. Webpage on Final Products of Photosynthesis
    2. Quick Recap of Photosynthesis
    3. Flow Chart for Photosynthesis
  5. Explain how the environment affects photosynthesis
    1. Webpage on Environmental Factors affect on Photosynthesis



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