Mitosis and Meiosis

Objectives for the chapter and helpful videos/songs/charts are listed below. This is not an all inclusive list of the content, but it is an excellent place to start or review! The videos are used as a study tool and may cover more or less than what we will cover in class. I will not test you on anything we did not cover in class, unless stated otherwise.

Genes, Chromosomes, and Cell Division

The Mechanism of Heredity 5.1 (Pg. 101-104)

  1. Define Genetics
    1. Definition of Genetics from
  2. Differentiate between a gene and a chromosome
    1. What is a gene?
    2. What is a gene- Tour
    3. Explore the Anatomy of a Gene
    4. What is a chromosome?
    5. Chromosome Fact Sheet
    6. Packaging of a Chromosome- Image
  3.  Explain the difference between a haploid and a diploid chromosome number
    1. Difference Between Diploid and Haploid Chromosome number- webpage
    2. Haploid v. Diploid (Brief Overview)

Cell Division- Mitosis 5.2 (Pg. 105-108)

  1. List the phases of the cell cycle
    1. Cell Division- Mitosis Song- Mr.Parr
    2. The Cell Cycle
  2. Describe the G1, S, and G2 phases of interphase
    1. Interphase
  3. List the stages of mitosis and the major changes of each
    1.  Mitosis- Amoeba Sisters
    2. Stages of Mitosis- Image
  4. Describe how cytokinesis in plant cells differs from that in human and animal cells
    1. Cytokinesis in Plants and Animal Cells
    2. Cytokinesis in Animal and Plant Cells- Image

Meiosis 5.3 (Pg. 108-111)

  1. Describe the function of meiosis
    1. Tutorials on Meiosis- Webpage
    2. Meiosis Overview- Amoeba Sisters
  2. List and describe the phases of meiosis
    1. Stages of Meiosis
    2. Meiosis Picture
  3. Summarize the process of spermatogenesis and oogenesis
    1. Spermatogenesis
    2. Oogenesis
    3. Spermatogenesis v. Oogenesis Chart

Taylor Swift Explains Facts of Cell Division



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