Human Reproduction

Objectives for the chapter and helpful videos/songs/charts are listed below. This is not an all inclusive list of the content, but it is an excellent place to start or review! The videos are used as a study tool and may cover more or less than what we will cover in class. I will not test you on anything we did not cover in class, unless stated otherwise.

The Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System 25.1 (Pg.609-610)

  1. Describe the male reproductive organs and give their functions
    1. Functional Anatomy of the Male Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System 25.2 (Pg.611-614)

  1. Describe the female reproductive organs and give their functions
    1. Functional Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System
  2. Summarize the female reproductive cycles
    1. Ovulation & the menstrual cycle
    2. Menstrual Cycle- Graph
    3. The Menstrual Cycle- Cartoon Chart

Human Embryology and Birth 25.3 (Pg.614-619)

  1. Summarize the processes of fertilization, cleavage, and implantation
    1. Ovulation, Fertilization, Cleavage and Implantation
  2. Describe the basic steps in embryonic and fetal development
    1. Embryonic Development
    2. Normal Fetal Growth- Image
  3. Describe the birth process
    1. Labor and Vaginal Birth (Childbirth)
      1. Note: This is a 3D medical animation.
    2. Childbirth (3D animation)

Human Relationships: A Christian Perspective

These objectives will not be tested on, but are important topics to critically think through. We will discuss them in class as time and situation permits. When researching and discussing these topics, try to remember the seriousness of God on these topics while maintaining His eyes of love and grace. 

Fallen Human Sexuality 25.4 (Pg. 619-623)

  1. Define sexual purity
    1. John Piper references on sexual purity
  2. Give Scripture references for christians to maintain sexual purity
    1. Bible References on Sexual Purity
  3. Define homosexuality and how scripture address it
    1. Articles on Homosexuality
    2. Bible Verses about Homosexuality

Sanctity of Human Life 25.5 (Pg. 623-626)

  1. Discuss what is meant by sanctity of human life
    1. Video on Sanctity of Human Life
  2. Define abortion and how scripture address it
    1. Bible verses addressing abortion



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